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Thursday, December 26, 2013

"Check Mate"

Hello, Jane here, wishing you all a very happy boxing Day. this is the second week for the Kraft card theme for the Kraft card theme for the Hoedown Challenge here at Hambo Stamps.I have made this quirky card,the two chess pieces are taken from a full digital image set, quite appropriately called..CHESS SET!! I think it is kinda cute, and a great image for a card to send to some budding Garry Kasparov or Bobby Fischer. I must admit I am a rubbish chess player, always on the defensive, never take risks, don't think too far in front!!  they say that chess brings out your true personality!!! they got that one right.. LOL.

Hope you enjoy the rest of this festive season, and.....Keeeeeep crafting!!


Jeannie said...

This is really, really cute! The checkered paper is absolutely perfect!

Peace & Luv,

Deborah Anton said...

Aww Jane... this is awesome!! And I too am terrible at chess. Probably because I don't know how to play! Happy Boxing day!