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Monday, November 4, 2013

What's Your Sports Pleasure?

Fall is a funny time for sports. We are supposed to get snow in the Plains tomorrow and baseball is barely over. Football is well underway, basketball is beginning to show its face, and hockey is in full force here. Whatever your sports pleasure, Hambo Stamps has images to suit! Take a peek:
Football Girl by Melissa Edwards
Football Boy (#3702) & Have a Ball (#3212) by Kecia Waters
Bat Boy by Jeannie Thomas
Basketball by Lyn Tomlin
Wee Henry Hockey by Anne Temple

We even have images for roller skating:
Roller Bunny (#4517) & How I Roll (#4507) by Nora Anne Robinson
Sailboat Frame (3220) by Judy Rozema
Ice Skating:
Skater Girl (4311) by Jane Elizabeth France
Wee Henry Fishing by Hannah Clark
Car Racing:
Racecar by Juliana Swanson
Golf (HCL056) by Deborah Anton
Snorkel Boy by Jenn Cochran
Cool Cat (5114) by Kendra Wietstock
Pool Hippo (1727) by Tim Hunter
Wee Henry Karate by Jan Hunnicutt

And yes, even Sumo Wrestling:
Sumo Wrestler by Silke Kittmann

There are even a few sports that I left out, believe it or not!
In any case, you know where to find the most fun and varied sports images around! At Hambo Stamps!


Joan V said...

Love all these cards. I had fun using the girl football image a few years back for one of your challenges. Great images. Thanks for sharing.

Jeannie said...

How fun and a great showcase of all that is Hambo sports ~ Go team!

Peace & Luv,

Deborah Anton said...

Love this showcase of all the sports!

Anonymous said...

This is fun!! Great post Judy and so much fun inspiration. (I saw a few sketches that would be fun :))

Juliana said...

Makes me think... I need more sports images in my collection!!