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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine Flashback and a fun give-away

Today’s card is a flashback Valentine using SPY (a Hambo V-day digi)...
Hambo Spy
For this card, I created a Valentine cipher decoder (see giveaway at the end). The internal message is for the little spy with the cipher – 
  • You put the heart on a pre-assigned letter on the outer circle (in this case the heart goes on his first initial) and the letters of the code line up. 
  • The inner row is the code letter, and the outer one is the correct letter.
  • Spin it before sending so it stays "top secret".

It is really easy to make:
Step One –

  • Print out the decoder on card stock and cut out the two circles. (I wanted mine to have a little dimension so I added a piece of foam in between them.)IMG_3728
Step Two – 
  • Adhere the foam (red in this picture) to the back of the smaller circle and a piece of acetate on top of that. 
  • Adhere another piece of acetate no bigger than than the foam piece to the front of the center of the larger circle (with acetate on both sides, it will spin easily.) 
  • Can you see the shine - that's the acetate.IMG_3732
Step Three – 
  • Line up the two pieces (the lines will match up) 
  • Using a brad, attach the two pieces in the center. I used a BIG yellow brad for your reference but use whatever you want. For me it didn’t matter because I was going to cover it with my image sine that is the focal point of my card. But for a pocket decoder (the smaller one in the doc,) I may use a cool brad instead…IMG_3733
WARNING: This is an interactive card...you may not be able to stop playing with it in order to deliver it!! 


  • Do you love it like I do? If you buy the SPY image from Hambo Stamps and leave a comment below, I will send you a PDF file with the decoder. 
  • It has 2 sizes – the larger one that I used for my easel card (5″) and a smaller one that can be made and popped inside a normal card (3.25″). The smaller one doesn’t have a heart on it so you could use it for times other than Valentine’s Day. 
  • P.S If you already have SPY and want to buy another image for your Valentine, that will work too - just buy it and comment below and I'd love to know what you plan to do with it!

Happy Valentine's Day Y'all!!


  • Image: Hambo Digi Stamp called SPY
  • Paper: True Black card (PTI) White card
  • Ink: – Copics: Heart – R22, R24, R27, R29; Glasses – YG93, YG95, YG97, YG99; Gloves – W5, W7, W9; Case – C1, C3, C5, C7, C9; Skin – E00, E21, E11; Pants – E33, E35, E37, E39 (E31, E33, E35); Coat – E40, E42, E44, W00, W1, W3; Shoes – E70, E74, E77, E79; Shirt – BG45, BG49
  • Other: Cipher decoder