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Monday, November 25, 2013

Two by Two... Hoorah Hoorah!!

For this weeks interactive card challenge,  I have made an interactive side stepper card.

I started off with the BOAT digital image. It has has an "Action Wobble" thingy on the back which makes it not only wobble but rock from side to side. I knew I wanted to put something else in the boat with him, so I stacked up all the possibilities, printed them off, and set about cutting them out......and in Judy's words "Geez"!! Yep... I went way "overboard" here.  
I do love cutting out and I am a bit of a perfectionist in that department, I think it stems from when I was a little girl and in the magazines there would be a girl and you had to cut her out and cut out her clothes with tabs on, can anyone remember what I am going on about???  Paper dolls!

So.... yes I am proud of this card, not just for the cutting out but for the fact that I used EIGHT separate Hambo images, fifteen in total....Pheww!!   I actually made this card for my friend's little boy who had his second birthday, but yes....(you were right, Lyn)... I just couldn't part with it to be thrown in the trash the next day!! So he got another one....ohhh I am such a meanie!!  I had so much fun making this card. We have a  great challenge and I hope you can join in. I would love to see your creations.  ~~Jane :)

The digi images I used are BOAT,  KANGAROO,  BIRD BALLOON,  BIRD EGG -- the two different fish are from the SNORKEL BOY set, and the ELEPHANT and BIG GIRAFFE are rubber stamps.


Monica Hunter said...

This is AMAZING! I don't blame you for saving this one! LOL

Judy Rozema said...

I am in awe of your cutting skills and patience!

Jeannie said...

Absolutely perfect in every way!

Peace & Luv,