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Monday, November 18, 2013


Dropping by on this Monday with a fancy fold project for you, perfect to write a note, and maybe even tuck in a little treat!

This one would be great for a birthday using Geronimouse, with the sentiment from the Bailey Flower digital set:

Of course with the holiday's right around the corner, I think we're always looking for different ways to present a gift certificate, so here is another sample using Elf Gift, with the sentiment from the Pig Tangle set:

If you haven't made one of these before, here is a tutorial to follow, and of course you can make them in different sizes as needed.  They are very fun and go together quickly, which is just what we need this time of year!

Have a Happy Monday!

Peace & Luv,
Jeannie ~
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Judy Rozema said...

Squee! These are adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Almost tied with "Beast" "Geronimouse" is AWESOME!! Love these and can't wait to try out the tutorial!

Juliana said...

I am SO going to use this idea!!!!
I bet I could make one that I could tuck in the tree branches!