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Hamityville Horror

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ooooohhh Naughty!!!

Well hello again all you wonderful people in blogland. Jane here to tell you that the challenges here at the hambo hoedown may have ended for now, but please pop by for the regular posts for some fun cards to hopefully inspire you. Hambo images are so fun and quirky and absolutely spot on for the challenge going on at the new FB blog called "Naughty or Nice"... to make a card either nice... or one to let your inner devil shine through with your naughty sense of humor, well.. how could I resist!!! there are so many Hambo images that you could use for this that I was so spoiled  for choice. I decided to use the BEAVER digi image, the words are computer generated. Watch this space for more naughty cards!!


My Lil' Bits said...

Oh my!! LOL...too funny! Thanks for sharing the challenge.

Dandi93 said...

I will definitely miss the Hoedown challenges.... I'm sad I missed the last one..

Deborah Anton said...

LOL!! Cheeky you are Jane! That is too funny!