What is a pig's scariest movie?
Hamityville Horror

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Keeping it in!!

I have made another card for the Naughty or Nice challenge as Hambo Stamps really are fabulous for this kind of challenge, cute, quirky and very funny.  Still on the love theme,  I have used the adorably embarrassed OUTHOUSE PIG rubber stamp from Hambo Stamps It brings back memories of when I was a young girl and we didn't have an inside bathroom, I dont think many people did back then!! my Dad used to fetch the tin bath from outside every Sunday evening for our weekly bath, me first, then my Mum, then my poor old Dad, bless him!!   anyway, so the toilet was way down at the bottom of the yard, through the sludge, past all the rats.... yes this is true!!! then finally in the dark damp toilet with its eary lagging around the pipes!!!  I tell you I couldn't do my business quick enough!!!   Ohhhh the luxury of inside bathrooms!! he he.

I mean.....just look at the piggy's expression!! priceless!! 

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